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Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig, 10, 11 Okt



Zeitung Der Zukunft

The Helmi Open Air Newsroom meeting..

cooking up the next edition of HELMI NEWS    Zeitung der Zukunft...

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We are taking the NEWS to Mainz

as part of the Grenzenlos Kultur Festival ,23 till 27 Sept

Der Streik.

Nicolas Stemann und Das Helmi

in SchauspielhausZürich. 

Aufstand von oben - Der Streik

Nach dem Roman Atlas Shrugged von Ayn Rand 
Inszenierung: Nicolas Stemann
Premiere: 12. Januar 2020, Schiffbau-Halle

Weitere Informationen

Giraffen und Schakale
Premiere BallhausOst  28 Nov 
und nochmal 4, 5, 6 März 2020


The Berlin based  Puppet theatre Collective Das Helmi is going to make a Performance about Giraffes and Jackals with no more Intention than to save the world. They will be supported from genius creative rebel artist, Opera Singers and special-abled actors from Ramba Zamba theatre. We will seek the most terrible and nasty conflicts in the city in the world and in ourselves and we will do a treatment with our animal friends and it will be resolved within 20 Minutes. 


The Inspiration for this project comes from the Amercian Psychiatrist,

Philosopher and Mediator Marshall Rosenberg,

who developed a communication-critical Method called non-violent communication.

He basically questions if our way to communicate is not already genuinely full of hidden violence:

like judgements,  analysis, pre conceit, non-personal responsibility etc..

And he is trying to sensitive his clients with a giraffe and a Jackal puppet also a guitar.

With this equipment Rosenberg traveled almost alone around the world to the most dangerous places and tried to help people solve their conflicts. 

We thought in times of heavy conflict and a communication that became quite aggressive and unforgiving it is time to call the giraffes and jackals again. 

On the one hand we will go into society looking for conflicts and collect them and 

Bring them back on stage on the other hand we will look at ourselves at conflicts in our own life in our group or even happening at the very moment on stage.

We will work together with quite a diverse group of performers and actors. 

To  represent as wide a group of people as possible there will be people who’s choices forced fired them to have less than easy lives  and who are quite willing  to fight for their interests,but who are wonderful performers at the same time: 


Like three special-abled performers from Berlin theatre Ramba Zamba, 

A Female British  Filmmaker , the choreographer Billie Hanne from Brüssels,

A third culture kid bondage artist, a huge Opera singer and even an Austrian Nonviolent Communication Trainer and for sure the last Berlin Songwriter as a chronist.


So this is Research , a Self-Experiment and a Challenge all at the same time.


But don’t forget : 

when you look closely Conflict has a lot of absurd energy to it,

- especially between grown-up people.